2014 Viewers Choice Winners!

Elly Pickette

Eric Lee

Sharon Nahill

Newton Kupelian

Elly is in the 6th grade at Chenery Middle School.  She loves photography, swimming and playing in the bands at school.  She took this pine cone photo while on a trip to Alaska last summer 2014
"My photography hobby started off when my dad got his own DSLR about five years ago. Although he didn't really let me touch his camera until recently, he gave me my very own DSLR as a present for my 16th birthday. Since then, I took my camera with me everywhere I went and learned its tricks. When July 4th rolled by, as per usual for any photographing event, I took my trusty DSLR and tripod, and went downtown to see the fireworks. I watch my town’s fireworks every year since my town does a pretty good job, but never once did I ever capture the intensity and inspiration the show gives me. And I told myself this year would be different. At about 800 ISO, and my f-stop set at 5.0, my camera was ready for the shot. I noticed a whizzing sound as a firework was launched into the night sky. Just as it was about to burst, I opened the shutter for two seconds and took the shot."